Saturday, March 21, 2009

Nearly 3 months @ site! almost 6 in country! Wow.
I realized that sometime last moth I started to refer to Kacheche as "home." It hit me that maybe that is an important step to really integrating into the community.
We are super busy it seems like. All the other PCVs kepts telling us durring training how much down time we'd have but I don't feel like there is a ton of down time; I mean sure I read a book ever 2-3 days but i read at night in bed by candle when there isn't really anything else going on. We are headed into Lilongwe in 2 weeks so I'll have free internet there and will be able to make my post a bit longer. look for it.

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Laura said...

Hi Tina and Zeb how's your second year going? I just have a question about Camp sky--I noticed tina was taking pics and am asking if you have/are posting them or can send me some of the goat dissection ( if you have the chance (goat dissection was my favorite activity I have no pics from because I was doing it). Thanks and great job with Sky!! My kids had a blast there!

xo Laura Barone