Monday, June 29, 2009

How do you explain that?

So there are some things that are just a little difficult to explain to a Malawian in a village. I've started a list.
riding lawn mower
ice skating
TV dinners
bread machine
wieght machine
electric can openner
Easy Bake Oven
Lite Brite
diet self help books
Wal-Mart super center
maize fields in the plains
credit cards
a budget
a morgage
on-line dating
Toys R Us
the mall
milk/beef mega farms

If you've got some ideas of how to explain any of the above let me know :)


Shane & Lane said...

Maybe you could jut get on the internet and show them pictures.

Shane & Lane said...

Hey Zeb,

Nothing to do with your question, but... I was just sitting in my office and smelled something like rot. This started a chain of thoughts starting with a 6 month old grapefruit someone stashed in our baker lounge to see if we would find it. Which we did when we moved out. This led to a few other thoughts including the time in Miller Hall when you were sitting in that chair hammock hanging from our beds and it let loose. It made me laugh. I am pretty sure you were suspended in air for a few seconds before gravity kicked in like the cartoons.

Anyway. Just thought you might enjoy that laugh too.

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