Monday, December 29, 2008

Back to Site Finally

So we are finally going back to site. It has been nice to be in the city with running water and a toilet seat, but we are feeling like we need to get back and stay at site for a while.

I added a "wish list" of sorts off to the side of the blog. None of it is stuff we need but sometimes mustard or mayo would be good on a piece of bread with an egg and tomato.

Uncle Dan asked about Christmas here and what was the same and what was different. Unfortunately, because we were in the city for the holiday we can't be out after dark--thus no Christmas Eve service. On Sunday we were going to try a church in town that we sawa flyers for but walked to where we thought it was and there was not a building or a person in site. So, needless to say we really haven't been able to compare. Between being sick the first week or two, and then on Med Hold we haven't had too much of a chance to integrate with the communities. It is actually very frustrating. But we are hoping that the coming months we'll be able to dive right in and get connected. I am guessing this will be the most frustrating part of the whole experience; getting connected, and actually finding a place to make a REAL difference.

Hope this finds all of you safe and happy. Probably will update in a month or two.

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Liz said...

Hey guys,

This is Liz (makula) Habecker. I kept meaning to check this blog and then just remembered now. It's hard to believe that you guys are over there! What a crazy experience it must be. I will TRY and remember to add you to my prayers. (I say 'try' because I don't want to promise to pray and then totally forget...which I might do.)
There! I just prayed for you RIGHT now so I made sure to do it! :)
Alright, love you guys! It's been much much too long. Take care. I'll keep checking out your blog.

ps. i like your embarassing story. it made me smile.
here is one of mine: one time philip (my husband) and i took a walk downtown to get something to eat. i was pregnant and it was greasy food. on the walk home i started feeling kind of sick. about 4 blocks from our house i couldn't hold it anymore. i just started going in my pants. (i was actually wearing a skirt which made it much worse) we were walking and i just couldn't quit going. it was a DISASTER!!! we passed people on the street and we tried to pretend that nothing was wrong. it was a drippy kind so you can just imagine. i had to throw those underwear away and they were one of my favorite pairs. :( ahhhhh...anyways, i hope that makes you feel better.:) (there were lots more details to that story but i will spare you.)